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My personal wish is to play as many new countries as we can.See you out on The Road Leo Hello - Hope all's well with you.You are not sure why choose Camping Stobreč Split as your camping destination?There are several important differences that make our campsite your best choice.You can get Date object with get Time() method of Calendar class.the output of this is -1, where it should be 1, as s2 as a DATE is prior to s, but s2 is lexicographically after s when sorted in ascending order.We had no problems and nothing to care about during the whole stay.Embark on a coastal journey with Le Méridien Lav, Split, a perfect starting point to unlock the Dalmatian coast.

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I have tried using : here's your problem having been solved.I think this would be a great gift for your parents and grandparents or anyone who goes out to eat often.I have to compare two dates where first date is in Calendar format and other in string(DD-MMM-yyyy) format.Anyway, why comparing dates through their string representations?Wouldn't it be better to compare Date objects like here?