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A nice couple of days on the beach wouldn't be so bad, I thought. It was a funny joke, but I didn't know Zach had such a nice, big dick. I found a bunch of my sorority sisters that were graduating, and we all caught up while sunbathing.I drove down to the beach that Friday morning and arrived at the townhouse that afternoon. A bunch of other guys were there, but the only ones I knew were Zach, Darren, and Josh, who were always at the parties I went to. I spent the rest of the day on the beach drinking and hanging out, and it was much more fun than I thought.Grimm said detectives discovered a cache of videos of nude women on Rosen’s phone while investigating that case and turned them over to D. Suttenberg said Rosen specifically looked for basement-level apartments in isolated alleys near his Mount Pleasant home.In some cases, Rosen filmed through cracks in drawn blinds or curtains.The mother said she observed a man holding a cellphone under the door of a changing room her daughter was using at the Bealls Outlet Store near Watson and Yuma roads.She confronted the man, asking him to give her his phone.But I finally broke up with him the week before classes ended in the spring.It was during senior week, when all the seniors go down to Florida and drink and party on the beach.

Newsham said there were 40 separate video recordings and that seven of the women were filmed multiple times, sometimes over several months, explaining the stalking charge.Brian and I weren't seniors, but Brian was asked by one of his fraternity brothers who was a senior to join a few of them so they could have enough people to rent a townhouse on the beach. I didn't want to, since I wanted to spend the last week before summer break with my own friends and sorority sisters, not a bunch of seniors I didn't know. "You need to see a shrink," I said, laughing, and went into my room. It was nice purple one, a little modest for a bikini, but I thought it showed off my figure really nicely, especially my tits.But Brian begged me to go and told me it'd be good for our relationship, so I agreed to join him there for the weekend. As soon as I shut the door, I took a second to collect myself. Then I met up with the guys and headed out to the beach while Brian stayed home. I didn't realize our school even had this many students in it!Christopher David Santos was held on suspicion of voyeurism and illegal recording after a mother saw a man using a cellphone to record under the door of her daughter's changing room in a Buckeye store.Contributed: Maricopa County Superior Court A minister at Grace Fellowship Church in Buckeye was held on suspicion of voyeurism and unlawful recording after a mother demanded the cellphone from a man bending down in front of her daughter's changing room at a local store, according to court documents.