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So if you’re looking for exclusive dating agency or personal introductions services in Scotland, then maybe this could be the perfect agency for you.

All at a very competitive cost too, compared with many of our industry competitors and a service that is at the other end of the scale from online dating.

If you are looking for a professional introduction / dating agency that offers quality introductions, over quantity, then you have come to the right place.

It is true to say that we have fewer members here than in more populated areas, so good introductions may take a little longer, but that said, we’ve had some great success stories in Western Scotland.

Attractive Partners is a successful dating agency for professional men and women in Western Scotland.

Here are just a few of our successful introductions with Western Scotland couples.

I'm an only child, I never judge a book by it's cover, it's what's inside the book that counts. My friends and family describe me as an easy going person who loves to be around people..

and a very cheerful person, with a good personality.

Attractive Partners is a successful, upmarket dating agency for professionals living in Scotland.

It is a highly personal service, conducted through our team of quality Personal Matchmakers and we are proud to say that all members of Attractive Partners have been personally interviewed, ID checked and vetted, to ensure you are fishing for future partners in an elite pool of people and that almost everyone is looking for a genuine, exclusive and long term relationship too.

Attractive Partners has long held a presence in Scotland as a dating agency specifically for those of a professional calibre.

The clichéd image of Scottish life might look rosy; enjoying the outdoors, dancing up a storm at ceilidhs and topping it all off with a dram or two of local whisky.

Yet it’s not all so easy-going here, especially for Scottish singles.