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DON'T WORRY – It's Not You, It's Your Approach To Online Dating Like with so many other aspects of attracting women: It's not YOU, it's the way you're presenting yourself and approaching women.

You may be doing one of the many tiny things that cause women to "NEXT" you online: - Your profile's honest and serious, but boring - Your pictures make you look like a lonely man (more often than you'd think) - You fail to evoke an emotional reaction - She imagines that meeting you will be awkward - On and on...

Dating at the Speed of Light—How to Stop Being a Cyber Space Wall Flower and Get the Most out of Internet Dating--for both men and women of all ages.What I really wanted to know were all the things every single women wanted to know. Filters that add a halo or dog ears onto your photos may be fun but they aren’t a good reflection of what you actually look like.Lose the filters or else men may think you have ‘something to hide’.There was no real explanation offered except they thought it made the photos look too staged.Common scenario: Katie hates taking photos alone and so when she gives online dating a go, she finds she only has photos of her and her girlfriends.