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I'm thinking of running a Pathfinder campaign for Skype (text only) and I don't have a group of players. Personally, though I have had many excellent roleplaying games with relative strangers, my most consistently good experiences are with current friends and family.How can I go about recruiting people for play-by-chat games instead of in-person? Many times I have been surprised to discover that people I know are actually interested in the roleplaying genre.These addictive love chemicals feel so good that it's difficult for you to even imagine ending contact with your friend.Your connection feels genuine and even life-sustaining.

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Pretty soon, you find yourself glowing every time you spend time with this person. This is especially true of women who produce higher levels of oxytocin -- the bonding hormone that enhances the feeling of having found your "soul mate" connection.

Any contact with the person becomes as potent as a drug addiction.

Even if you stick to playing by pure text, your choice of ruleset can provide additional players from the game's official forums and fansites as well.

As a DM, you can post to and search through Paizo's Online Campaign registrar.