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Online pornography, known as the "crack cocaine" of sex addicts, is often the outlet of choice for Levy’s clients because of the easy access and availability. It is also not unusual for clients to have underlying anxiety or mood disorders. “It's kind of like tolerance with alcoholism, that it just takes more and more after awhile to get the high, get the thrill.”Levy says he sees three common themes among the sex addicts he counsels:“And it's not just, of course, the act of sex, it's the whole preparation, the ritual, the hours planning, preoccupied with it,” Levy added.

They spend hours on the computer looking at porn.“They can say to themselves, 'I'm not hurting anybody. The majority of sex addicts do not seek out their spouses to feed their addiction, but rather disconnect emotionally from the people they love, Levy said.“This behavior really isn't about sex. When online porn isn't enough, the addicts turn to more dangerous activities.“They'll go into (online) chat; they'll go into phone sex, start engaging other people. Levy says it's not always clear why someone becomes a sex addict.

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Internet identifier does not include a date of birth, Social Security number, or personal identification number (PIN), URL, or application software used for utility, banking, retail, or medical purposes.”The official who oversees the registry, and who apparently worked on drafting the amended definition, has testified that the definition applies only to “identifiers used for social or person-to-person communication.” Further, the official says the reason for the amendment was to clarify that the registration requirement applies only to identifiers used for “social communication” and to websites and applications used for “social communication.” But that is not what the amended definition says. That may be an internet identifier of Facebook, Inc., but it is not, in ordinary usage, an “internet identifier” of the many individuals who have Facebook accounts. [Emphases supplied] Vagueness concerns can often, of course, be cured by an appropriate revision of the statutory language, and a holding that this statute’s rather unusual definition was hopelessly (and unconstitutionally) vague can have little relevance for challenges in other states with other statutes.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a legislature adopting a definition of a term that is broader than ordinary usage. Suppose John Doe, a registered sex offender, has a digital subscription to a newspaper. But the strong endorsement of the First Amendment’s right to anonymous speech may give the decision a broader significance.

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