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This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.After failing to talk some sense into Jake, Miley enlists Lilly's help in trying to stop the wedding.Miley stretches herself too thin when she tries to work double duty by attending Hannah appearances and concerts and rushing home to Malibu as Miley in order to serve as Oliver's new co-host on a local radio show.When Miley tells Lilly and Oliver she's secretly dating Jake again, they agree to help her keep the secret from her father. Tipton Miley loses both the lucky charm anklet her mother gave her followed by her Hannah wig.In order to sway Robbie to appreciate Jake, Miley devises a plan to date one of her band members - but the plan backfires! Now Lilly and Robby must convince her that her luck and talent didn’t come from the jewelry but from her belief in herself. Jackson: Besides, what do you think's gonna happen? Miley: [on the answering machine] Lilly, are you there watering the plants? I was born a loser, I'm always gonna be a loser, I'm the most embarrassing dang doofus in this whole family—worse than Unlucky Bucky or Wacky Wilbur, or even Jackson! [accidently hurls golf club off of scoring area and the sound of breaking glass is heard] Yikes. Last week was the ten year anniversary of the beginning of Hannah Montana.

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Just as the surgery's about to start, a meteor hits a bus. Lilly: Of course the blond hair is coming out of the wig, you're Hannah Montana! I tried your cell phone a bunch of times- Hey I'm sorry but I'm not gonna make the concert. I got a picture of the world's largest rubber band ball. And really, if you didn’t seriously consider moving to LA and becoming a secret pop-star, were you even a real Hannah Montana fan?To celebrate all that Miley/Hannah or Hiley/ Mannah ( they actually have cute ship names) gave us, here are 10 unforgettable HM moments. That’s the thing about nature that is just so quiet and peaceful. So Jake I don't know what's bigger, the buzz about this movie, or the buzz about you two. (all kids, including Hannah, raise their hands) There! Lesson number one: This [does a head motion] is how you do the head thing. Mikayla: (singing) Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do, oh baby, if Cupid had a heart he would make you fall, you'd fall in love with me and you would turn me on. If cupid had a heart, he would shoot and throw an arrow through your soul better aim and go. Robby: [to Miley] Oh darling, let me tell you something. We just wanted to wish you luck on your first day on filming because you know that is what friends do: that they are there for each other, they support each other…so where is Mikayla? Just sittin' here, the sun, the beach, the fresh air. And here are the Teen Gladiators Jake Ryan and Marrissa Hughes, coming over to talk to me, Brian Winters. how many of your parents ever told you you'd grow up to be president? (all kids in room, excluding Hannah, burst into tears) Errr... [everybody gasps and stares] I can't believe I just said that out loud! The only thing you're gonna be taking from me is lessons, okay?

Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode