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Also, some exceptions to the rights are not listed here. For a list of the specific law(s) and/or rule(s) summarized in each item of this Bill of Rights, or if you have questions or comments, contact the Office of Public Insurance Counsel at 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-120, Austin, TX 78701 (512-322-4143) or us.If your agent, company, or adjuster tells you that one of these rights does not apply to you, contact TDI Consumer Protection at 1-800-252-3439 (512-463-6515 in Austin) (111-1A), P. This Bill of Rights does not address your responsibilities. You have the right to a toll-free number to call your insurance company free of charge with questions or complaints. An insurer or agent cannot require you to purchase liability limits greater than the limits required by law (20/40/15) or require you to purchase other types of coverage as a condition of offering insurance or continued insurance to you.

Carriers must also provide a description of customers' privacy rights and how the carrier handles confidential consumer information and information regarding state and federal laws that protect the privacy rights of residential telephone consumers with respect to telephone solicitations.• Marketing practices Any solicitation offer by a carrier that is deceptive, untrue, or misleading is prohibited.

The New York State Education Department's Office of the Professions, under the Board of Regents, licenses and regulates the practice of the professions in New York State.

Public protection is at the heart of that regulation.

Dating services, whether online or "real life," can lead to more than romantic encounters.

Dating businesses -- particularly online dating services -- have become popular and profitable in recent years, and consumers should be aware of unwanted companions that may accompany their subscriptions.