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Not only does the show finally return tonight (thank you, CW! We just checked in with Marc Cherry at the Douglas Blasdell Foundation Outreach event, and he told us, "On Sunday, the question will be asked, 'Who's in trouble on Wisteria Lane?

), but the next two episodes are quite honestly better than ever (IMHO), and you'll never guess who was spotted just hours ago making out on a public sidewalk! ' The press is putting out one story, but it's possible that there's another Housewife whose life is on the line." Gulp!

Here are the juicy details, along with the latest exclusive scoop on It certainly would seem so!

Jessica accumulated the amount from her decade-long work in the television series, movies, and music videos.

Her earnings from the photo shoots, brand endorsements, and other projects have also helped in strengthening her net worth.

The actress says she couldn't imagine appearing on the show without her costars.

"I've heard horror stories from other actors about egos, people who don't get along, but we're all friends," Szohr says.