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Fictional descriptions of human-android romances are interspersed with commentary about the varying differences between people and AI (Artificial Intelligence), and methods for breaching the chasm between machine and human experience.Chapters tie speculation into contemporary life, drawing parallels between current human interactions with machines.Headline has pre-empted two books by journalist, columnist and media commentator Daisy Buchanan.

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The Historical Society refinished the existing floors. She said it was genuinely a lot of fun to just get lost in all of these books.It was such a joy to read and is the perfect marrying of subject with author.We’re utterly delighted and so proud to be publishing Daisy.” Buchanan said: “I'm really excited to be working with Rachel and the team at Headline - they have published so many excellent titles and I'm delighted that How To Grow Up will be among them.Dating again after a long absence can create fear and trepidation.The Dating Goddess helps you understand what to expect with midlife dating through her stories of her experiences and epiphanies so you can experience dating with your eyes and heart wide open.