Backdoor personals

Kryptowire says Adups' technology is running on more than 700 million devices worldwide.

Most of Adups' clients are small Chinese device makers, although it does have major Chinese manufacturers like ZTE among its clients.

Shanghai Adups Technology (Adups), a China-based company, developed the software that is installed on unknown number of Android-based devices.

The information collected by the software including copies of text messages, contact lists, call logs, and other personal user information, is automatically sent to Adups every 72 hours, Kryptowire said.

If you’re like most internet-goers there’s a good chance you’re using some combination of Slack, Gmail, Dropbox or one of the many other popular message and file sharing apps on a daily basis; so why worry about Apple building backdoors into the i Phone if you’re perfectly content sharing your most sensitive messages and files through apps that the equivalent of built-in backdoors? If the answer’s yes, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

And buckle up, because you’re in for a few surprises.

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You are sharing and storing financials, proprietary info, passwords, even just ordinary conversations between co-workers or friends that – if they got out or were read out of context – could make you look really really bad (or even result in lawsuits). But all of these companies have been hacked, some more than once, and they continue using insecure technologies to “protect” your data. Why even bother talking about “encryption” at this point if your provider blatantly admits they, from time to time, access your “private” conversations and files? It is not easy, however, to make sure that only the appropriate parties have the ability to decrypt the data.

These apps you’re relying on to protect your conversations and files are using insecure technology, often with purposely built-in backdoors (mostly used for literally spying on you and selling your information to marketers), and they’re you’re in need of a better solution, and that’s exactly why we built Clear Chat. When it comes to protecting your data and your privacy, these companies are failing you miserably. And we’re not talking superficial hacks like websites or blogs being defaced, we’re talking about stolen customer passwords or data, and breeches of the applications themselves “The operation of the [Blank] services requires that some employees have access to the systems which store and process Customer Data… And as you’ll see below, in a world of spoofing, phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, it’s also to “authenticate” that the person(s) you are speaking with, or sharing files with, is the person you think they are.